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Flawless Pore Complex

Flawless Pore Complex with PORE NEUROTIGHT™ is clinically proven to protect and repair skin nerve cells by increasing collagen production. It promotes pore shrinkage and prevents further oxidative damages and uneven skin surface.

Low Sensitivity Test
Without artificial flavors
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  • Decreases sebum production by inhibiting 5 Alpha Reductase
  • Prevent malfunctioning SEBOCYTE cells from clogging pores
  • Effectively tightens pores
  • Maintains skin elasticity around the pores

Independent Clinical Trial Results:
Study participants experienced on average of 36% or more reduction in pore size after 8 weeks of continued use.

Apply twice daily in the morning and night. After cleansing the face and skincare routine, gently apply an appropriate amount on the affected areas.
Main Ingredients:
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