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Flawless Pore Complex with PORE NEUROTIGHT™ is clinically proven to protect and repair skin nerve cells by increasing collagen production. It promotes pore shrinkage and prevents further oxidative damages and uneven skin surface...

$1,160 $678


Decreases sebum production by inhibiting 5 Alpha ReductasePrevent malfunctioning SEBOCYTE cells from clogging poresEffectively tightens poresMaintains skin elasticity around the poresIndependent Clinical Trial Results:Study participants experien..

$1,740 $918


ORYZA CERAMIDE, a natural form of ceramide found in rice has a potent whitening effect by suppressing melanin production.Reduces and prevents fine lines and wrinklesHighly moisturizingAnti-oxidant..

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$1,908 $1,200


Anti-bacterial – prevents acne formationRepairs rough damaged skin caused by acneSkin becomes smooth and delicate..

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$1,420 $1,080


Increases cell productionStrengthens the adhesion between skin cellsLifts and tightens facial contoursStrengthen and maintains skin cell vitalityRepairs loose tissues and smoothes wrinkles..

$1,120 $780


Contains patented natural plant extracts formula without Western medication that may have adverse effects on the bodyEasy absorption – MLC technique directly delivers ingredients into the deep layers of the skin with effects lasting for ten hoursFree..

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PGC1-Alpha gene improves three-dimensional features and prolong cell life.Gene Secret™ contains Matrikine (a messenger peptide) that stimulates epidermal and dermal genes that increases collagen and fibronectin production. In vitro study has shown a ..

$1,720 $1,188


Improve fat granules and skin papulesImprove discolorationWrinkle preventionPotent hydration..

$720 $540


Supplements the protective lipid layer of the skinReduces the rate of skin dehydrationCombats dry and premature aging skin issuesSupplements skin cells to retain moistureStimulates collagen production..



Targets cystic acne that are painful to the touch and reduces redness and swelling containing pusEarly use can prevent or reduce the formation of scars and uneven pigmentation of the skin.Quickly destroy acne bacteria within a few hours..



Improves cutaneous moisturizationDecrease redness following a UV or a mechanical aggression ( such as shaving, pinching or other manipulation of the skinCan form a moisture protective layer on the skin surface, to prevent moisture lossInflammation mo..

$760 $598