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Lipid Prescription

Dr. Kendrick LIPID PRESCRIPTION™ is formulated to specifically combat dry and premature aging skin. It strengthens skin cells natural lipid barrier to lock in moisture and increase collagen production, which resolves issues such as dehydration, oxidization and wrinkles. Instantaneously, skin feels soft and elasticity is restored. It repairs sun damaged cells and increases collagen production. Most of all, it will never leave the skin feeling greasy.

Low Sensitivity Test
Without artificial flavors
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  • Supplements the protective lipid layer of the skin
  • Reduces the rate of skin dehydration
  • Combats dry and premature aging skin issues
  • Supplements skin cells to retain moisture
  • Stimulates collagen production
Apply twice daily in the morning and night. After cleansing the face, gently apply an appropriate amount on the face.
Main Ingredients:
Lipid Prescription™, Calluna Vulgaris Flower extracts, glycerin, EGF epidermal growth factor, silk amino acids
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