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Age Reversal Whitening Mask

$340.00 (HKD)

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New Age Reversal Whitening Mask with Nano tech organic bio-fiber material approved by the FDA adheres 3.8 times better than the average paper mask and efficiently aids in the process of absorption. Innovative 3D three-dimensional structure holds more essence and facilitates absorption.

  • Essence is easily absorbed into the deep layer of the skin
  • Environmentally Friendly – made with pure vegetable organic bio-fiber material
  • Highly hydrating
  • Reduces wrinkle formation and promotes firmness
  • Hong Kong Dollar
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Use once or twice every week. After cleansing the face, make sure the skin is dry. Remove the paper backing and place the mask directly on face. Leave on for 30 minutes. Rinse gently with water.


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Cucumber extract, aloe extract, sericin, yeast extract.